This study shows students who received Language Enrichment instruction in second grade were more proficient on the state- mandated third-grade reading test than students who did not receive the same instruction in second grade. In short, Language Enrichment instruction provides strong foundational skills that benefit the acquisition of higher level literacy skills.


A recognized provider of the Neuhaus Education Center's 30-hour Language Enrichment program, Multisensory Teaching works with area school districts to train elementary school and special education teachers. The Language Enrichment program allows teachers to return to the classroom and implement a three-year curriculum that is consistent with the requirements set forth in Reading First legislation and incorporates the five components deemed necessary by the National Reading Panel:

  1. Phonemic Awareness
  2. Phonics
  3. Fluency
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Comprehension

The Language Enrichment program meets the requirements for Tiers I-III of the Response to Intervention (RTI) federal mandate by giving regular classroom teachers the tools to teach an effective research-based reading inclusion program. This early intervention program provides explicit and systematic instruction and is a successful working model of prevention and intervention. Training workshops are developed to:

  1. Teach the patterns of English for reading
  2. Offer a comprehensive spelling program, Scientific Spelling
  3. Educate teachers in the development of a fluency program and a program that develops oral language and listening comprehension

Program goals:

  • Train teachers to implement a three-year curriculum that employs a multisensory research-based approach to reading, writing and spelling
  • Reduce the number of students referred for special education services
  • Facilitate the creation of early intervention and prevention programs
  • Support teachers by giving them the tools necessary to reach additional students with reading difficulties

The first class taught in a district is for training future facilitators (a facilitator is needed for each group of four teachers in a training class), so training costs are slightly higher for the initial training.

Each teacher will leave the training with:

  • Language Enrichment teaching manual with a scope and sequence and reproducible reading practice pages for a three-year program
  • Initial Reading Deck and Posters for classroom use
  • Scientific Spelling Teacher’s manual and reproducible notebook pages for students
  • The Colors and Shapes of Language Manual with Audio CD
  • Practices for Developing accuracy and fluency Manual with audio CD
  • A certificate of completion

The Response to Intervention federal mandate also requires bench-marking and progress monitoring. Language Enrichment has built in Mastery Checks. As well, Multisensory Teaching can direct teachers to other benchmark tools such as Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS). DIBELS is an excellent tool that has been chosen in 44 out of 50 states to monitor student progress. DIBELS is supported by extensive research and monitors skills taught directly through Language Enrichment.

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